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Though most cannabis investment funds are still relatively small, the legal cannabis industry is growing rapidly and approaching $7 billion.

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Cannabis Venture Capital Funds

Cannabis venture capital funds typically invest $50,000-$5 million in a variety of cannabis investments including cultivation, retail sales establishments, licensing, technology, and a variety of ancillary products. Investments are generally equity only.

Cannabis Private Equity Funds

Cannabis private equity funds typically invest in established businesses in the cannabis industry. Private equity investments in cannabis are typically larger than those made by venture capital funds and often private equity companies take a controlling or even 100% interest in the cannabis companies in which they invest. Private equity investments can be anywhere from several million to over a billion dollars, but are typically smaller in the cannabis space. Investments can be debt, equity, or hybrid.

Cannabis Hedge Funds

Cannabis hedge funds invest in companies publicly traded cannabis companies by purchasing stock, usually via an exchange. Currently, the vast majority of publicly traded plant-touching companies are located in Canada. However, cannabis hedge funds may also invest in cannabis companies providing ancillary products or services in the US or elsewhere.

Cannabis Real Estate Funds

Cannabis real estate funds invest in real property including industrial, agricultural, and retail property for lease or sale by  owners of state-regulated legal cannabis businesses. Because cannabis regulations in the US are very fractured and provincial, savvy real estate investors that are knowledgeable on local cannabis regulations can earn impressive returns investing in real estate.

Other Cannabis Investment Funds

There are a variety of funds investing in the legal marijuana business besides venture capital, private equity, real estate, and hedge funds. These include other investment vehicles like cannabis ETF’s and mutual funds, family offices, cannabis incubators, and angel investors.